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Baraw Sugbo is a knife defense system originally called Arnes Diablo

A Filipino martial art (FMA) focused on unarmed knife defense, Baraw Sugbo is a very comprehensive and practical system designed specifically to counter knife attacks especially knife thrusts that are fully committed and with serious intent to kill.

The origin of this FMA surprisingly came from the great and legendary eskrimador of Cebu, Lorenzo "Ensong" Saavedra, the founder of Labangon Fencing Club and the teacher of Venancio "Anciong" Bacon the founder of the famous Balintawak.

Ensong, as he was called by his colleagues, told of a story that gave hint that he might have gotten the disarming techniques from an unknown Frenchman whom he trained with when he was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese during World War 2. The Frenchman was his in-mate and they both trained in knife disarming while in prison.

Ensong Saavedra taught Arnes Diablo only to a certain few and it may or may not have included Anciong Bacon. What was certain in the stories is that Simo Saavedra, a relative of Ensong, acquired the techniques of Arnes Diablo and passed on his knowledge to Lucresio Ceniza Albano who was also a pioneer of Balintawak and friend of Anciong.

Lucresio or "Ukit" Albano then trained his nephew, Gregorio "Goyong" Ceniza in Arnes Diablo. Goyong also received training in Balintawak from Anciong Bacon.

This very distinctive FMA that deals only with knife attacks is now taught by the son of Gregorio "Goyong" Ceniza.

Grandmaster Eduardo "Boy" Ceniza

Baraw Sugbo Levels

  • Level 1 Metodo
    Knife disarms from predefined angles of attack are taught in this level.
  • Level 2 Palakaw
    In this level, the feeder/attacker tries to counter the defender's knife disarm leading to a different position and method of disarm and countering.
  • Level 3 Kuridas
    In this level, the feeder attacks in random angles and continues his barrage of attacks until such a time the defender is able to close in and grab the weapon arm where Palakaw can occur resulting to counter-to-counter disarms and weapon retention.
  • Level 4 Juego Todo
    This is the fourth level where all three previous levels are now implemented. The feeder attacks in random in full speed and tries to retain his weapon as much as he can while the defender tries his best to close in and execute a disarm. Head butts, throws, and even ground techniques are done in this level.

About GM Eduardo Ceniza

GM Eduardo currently teaches in Mandaue, Cebu and has been doing seminars in several countries

including France, Romania, and Finland. You will have to contact him directly for private lessons and group seminars.

Our List of Qualified Instructors

Alvine Robert de la Rosa

Chief Instructor | Southern Luzon

Bobby heads the whole South Luzon area including Metro Manila.

Kirk Gooding

Master Instructor | U.S.A.

Kirk is our official representative in the U.S.

Willy Panal

Master Instructor | Cebu

Constantin Dina

Master Instructor | Eastern Europe


Park Sounghwan

Level 2 Instructor | South Korea

Mihai Popescu

Chief Instructor | Romania


Level 4 Instructor | Backstabbers Finland


Level 2 Instructor | Backstabbers Finland

Michael Vincent Malanyaon

Basic Instructor | Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Blake Alan Hasley

Level 2 Instructor | Portland, Oregon, USA


Lazaro Talaya


Jorge Talaya

Fabien Jolivel

Level 3 Instructor | France

Romualdo Kho

Chief Instructor | Los Angeles, California, USA

Katsuhiro Ogiso

Level 2 Instructor | Chiba, Japan

Jose Miguel Tapia

Level 2 Instructor | New Zealand

Fabi Simo

Level 2 Instructor | Spain

Kanishka Sharma

Basic Instructor | India

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